New Promotions from Fujitsu

on Monday, June 7, 2010

Fujitsu LifeBook T4310 Tablet PC

The LifeBook T4310 is the first Tablet PC to offer unmatched flexibility with a modular bay to home users. The LifeBook T4310 features the latest dual digitizer technology with pen input and multi-touch interaction, modular bay, bi-directional display hinge, and the performance of Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor technology. This is a do-it-all Tablet PC that is sure to simplify your internet surfing experience with the convenience of the touch functionality in either notebook or tablet mode. You'll wonder how you ever survived with just a notebook.

Fujitsu LifeBook T900 Tablet PC

The LifeBook T900 raises the renowned lineage of Fujitsu Tablet PCs to new levels of smart performance with the new Intel® Core™ i7 Processor and Intel® Core™ i5 processor while continuing to offer traditional Fujitsu features such as built-in modular bay and bi-directional display hinge. The unmatched 13.3-inch display with 160 degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles and optional multi-touch screen provides the optimal combination to efficiently interact with on-screen applications. Whether you are using it as a conventional notebook or capturing important notes with the digital pen, the LifeBook T900 Tablet PC offers the ultimate in flexibility and mobile productivity.

Fujitsu LifeBook M2011 Mini-Notebook

The Fujitsu M2011 Mini-Notebook brings a new class of low-cost, ultra-portable computing to the mobile world. Its 10.1 inch display, Intel® Atom¿ processor, light weight, and robust WLAN, provide a perfect platform for surfing the Internet, checking email, and other casual uses.

Fujitsu LifeBook T1010 Tablet PC

The LifeBook T1010 Tablet PC with Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology , and 802.11a/b/g/draft-n. From its robust bi-directional hinge to its easy-to-navigate 13.3-inch display, the T1010 is intended to be the first affordable Tablet PC. Breeze through your applications using only your finger, create and watch DVD movies, sketch objects and scenes, and collaborate with others using the built-in webcam and microphone.